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Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

Questions related to consultation or advices

Who can I seek consultation from? Is it only one person or can it be anyone depending on the situation or field. Once I seek advice or consultation, what should I do if I don't understand the wisdom of the person who is giving the advice. What is the correct adab in such a situation?

Upbringing of a child

Salam alai Kum shaikh. Some honest reflections are coming in my heart. These are pretty ugly and scary and I wished not to admit them but I have to be honest to myself and my teacher. May Allah give me the courage, Taufeeq and solution inshaAllah. Shaikh I see my kids who are 7 and 4 years old boys following the same pattern of weaknesses as I do have, so closely, I feel that I have done the damage. My kids I find are my own reflections and I have badly messed up with their upbringing until now. I watch the upbringing series, I try to apply the advices, but for a person who is an empty cup like me, how it can pour wisdom into others, neither I do have the environment or set of people around me to whom I can entrust my children for the right knowledge. Who shall I upbring first? My own self? What pattern shall I follow? In so many years I couldn't evolve my own solid personality how can I shape and mould my kids? .

Covenant of Allah swt, do we really get it?

Covenant of Allah swt, do we really get it? .

Significance of Dhul Hijjah

A Must Listen for those whose Hearts are still alive .



Do what you can..how much ever you can..

Do what you can..how much ever you can..

Example of kindness and selflessness

Example of kindness and selflessness

First Day of Dhul Hijjah

First Day of Dhul Hijjah

How can I be a Muslim?

How can I be a Muslim?

First Friday of Dhul Hijjah

First Friday of Dhul Hijjah

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