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From Darkness to Light (11)

Dawah (Invitation) to Allah (3)

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HAJJ (4)

Different Holidays and What They Mean (3)

Important Manners & Issues that Have Been Forgotten (7)

The Life of Messengers and Prophets (14)

JINN (2)

The Condition of the Ummah- Where are We Going? (16)

Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

Queens College - Open Dialogue (12)

Journey in the Valley of the Qur'an (4)

Our Journey of Building a Muslim and Muslima- The Nucleus of the Muslim Ummah (18)

Why I Became Muslim? A Message From New Muslims (3)

Jewels and Wisdom- Journey in the Revelation of the Qur'an (16)

Message of the Message (1)

The Final Chapter (6)

Ramadan Series (1)

Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.



Unless You Emigrate Toward Allah (swt), Unless You Know The Names Of Allah (swt) And You Try To Live It, Unless You Have The Oneness Of Allah (swt)!

Any Goodness Allah Gives Us In This Life, You Will Be Questioned About It,
Unless We Use It In The Path Of Allah And The Cause Is For Allah!

We Will Bury Our Dead, And We Will Not Gain Wisdom From It!
Remember The Calamity Of Death, It Will Make You Forget Your Own Calamity!
Constitution Of Happiness In Quran

Don't Look At The Mistakes Of Others, And Look To Your Own Mistake!
The Journey Of Victory Vs. The Journey Of Defeat

Remember 2 Forget 2, Remember Allah and Remember Death,
Forget The Goodness You Do To Others & Forget The Mischief Others Do Against You!

I Try To Live The Message Of Allah,
The Maximum Of My Abilities!

Give us Good Ending Ya Allah,
Make Us Live The Message Ya Allah,
Make Us Try To Please You Ya Allah

Ask Allah swt To Give You The Quality Of Thanking Allah,
To Be Content With What Allah Gives You & To See Goodness In Everything!

The 5 Gifts Allah swt Gave To The Ummah Of Rasul Allah!

Ramadan Is About To Begin! Allah Loves Those Who Ask, Make Dua & Aim High!

Ramadan Start Dua!

We Have No Care!

Q: Whats Wrong With Me?

Don't Fight Your Qadr!

Go Closer To The Creator By Doing Actions Beloved To Him (swt).

Important Tips To Gain This Ramadan!

Arrogance & Stinginess vs Humble & Humility, Generosity

Do You Want Allah To Love You? Forgive & Erase!

Quran 13 Ar-Rad Verse 19-28 Explaination - ulul albaab

Any Good Deed - Do It! Do Not Question & Do Not Delay!

Goodness As Per You, Or According To Allah (swt)?

What Is Your Legacy In Any Relationship?

Zikrullah - Adab & Sunnah - Contd
Most Dangerous Verses In the Quran.docx

The Drama Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is That The Person Has Not Woken Up!

If You Look Carefully, You Will Find Everything We Do Is About Duniya!

We Are Upbringing, The Enemy Of Islam In Earth!

An Ugly Conclusion: Persons With Quality Destroying Their Own Selves, By Their Own Hands!

The Essence Of Travel Of People Today Is What I Ate & What I Bought?

What Are Our Emotions Governed With?

Do We Value Piety & Right Seed, While Seeking For Marriage?

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