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From Darkness to Light (11)

Dawah (Invitation) to Allah (3)

Family Series (8)

HAJJ (4)

Different Holidays and What They Mean (3)

Important Manners & Issues that Have Been Forgotten (7)

The Life of Messengers and Prophets (14)

JINN (2)

The Condition of the Ummah- Where are We Going? (16)

Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

Queens College - Open Dialogue (12)

Journey in the Valley of the Qur'an (4)

Our Journey of Building a Muslim and Muslima- The Nucleus of the Muslim Ummah (18)

Why I Became Muslim? A Message From New Muslims (3)

Jewels and Wisdom- Journey in the Revelation of the Qur'an (16)

Message of the Message (1)

The Final Chapter (6)

Ramadan Series (1)

Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.



Glimpse of Chapter Ar-Rum

Spider in Quran! Lessons to be learnt
The Spider
Spider Web
Spider Web is Fragile
The Quran

Do you need GPS Ilahi?

No Fear No Sadness
Al-Baqarah 2: 38, 112, 262, 274, 277
Al-Imran 3: 170
Al-Maida 5: 69
Al-An’am 6:48
Al-A’raf 7:35, 49, 56
Yunus 10:62
An-Noor 24:55
Az-Zukhruf 43:68
Al-Ahqaf 46:13

Arrogance over Arrogance [Part 2]

Arrogance over Arrogance

Story of a good man

Question about all of the above


Question about marriage

The fly

Youth! What to do with them??

Iqhlas and Allah


Names of Allah

Just Dua

Be careful not to be among the group of shaitan

Women struggle to be a Muslim

Keep trying don’t stop

Asma bint Amis RA

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