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From Darkness to Light (11)

Dawah (Invitation) to Allah (3)

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HAJJ (4)

Different Holidays and What They Mean (3)

Important Manners & Issues that Have Been Forgotten (7)

The Life of Messengers and Prophets (14)

JINN (2)

The Condition of the Ummah- Where are We Going? (16)

Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

Queens College - Open Dialogue (12)

Journey in the Valley of the Qur'an (4)

Our Journey of Building a Muslim and Muslima- The Nucleus of the Muslim Ummah (18)

Why I Became Muslim? A Message From New Muslims (3)

Jewels and Wisdom- Journey in the Revelation of the Qur'an (16)

Message of the Message (1)

The Final Chapter (6)

Ramadan Series (1)

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Why did Allah create me this way?

How to be Abd Allah?

How to read my heart?{3}

How to read my heart?{2}

Follow up with the question,
How to read my heart ?

Question about how to read my heart ?
Like from the inside is better than from outside in. Starting from the heart. It to me is the best way to make sense of life. I realise I have more times lived life the wrong way. I want to feel my heart again. I trust if I use my heart my life will become better. It is the right path. The noble path. The highest fulfilment of life. It has peace. It has self consciousness. It is fulfilling the wish of Allah. Allah knows me best and created me. If I follow my heart, am with Allah and living His plans for me. I found peace and heart again. How do I feel or listen to my heart? How can I change. Want to know more about how my heart works. What signals to pick up or how to read my heart? My instincts feelings and emotions? How to apply my heart and the situations?

Step by step toward journey of iman

Advice for People who are new in this journey!

Difference between early days of Islam and now!

Duniya vs Aakhirah! Where are you ??

Chapter 28 listen to be learned

Chapter 28 listen to be learned

Celebrate your birthday and your loved one [2]

Celebrate your birthday and your loved one

How to deal with other [Part 2]

How to correct wrong

How to deal with other

How to be humble to others

Another golden key of happiness

Another key of happiness

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