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Different Holidays and What They Mean (3)

Important Manners & Issues that Have Been Forgotten (7)

The Life of Messengers and Prophets (14)

JINN (2)

The Condition of the Ummah- Where are We Going? (16)

Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

Queens College - Open Dialogue (12)

Journey in the Valley of the Qur'an (4)

Our Journey of Building a Muslim and Muslima- The Nucleus of the Muslim Ummah (18)

Why I Became Muslim? A Message From New Muslims (3)

Jewels and Wisdom- Journey in the Revelation of the Qur'an (16)

Message of the Message (1)

The Final Chapter (6)

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Important Manners and Issues
That Have Been Forgotten
| 7 Sessions

Today, we're far far away from the basic manners of a good muslim. Use this series to help build manners and learn about issues that have been since forgotten.

Average Duration: 1hr 43mins

Total Sessions: 7


The Life of Messengers and Prophets and the Lessons and Wisdom from Allah | 14 Sessions

Did you ever what the life of the prophets were like, did you ever wonder how their lives could help you? Come listen and watch as Da'ee Ahmed Moait goes through the life of the major messengers and prophets with helpful everyday life examples! What an eye-opener!

Average Duration: 1hr 50mins

Total Sessions: 14


JINN | 2 Sessions

With so many folk tales and made up stories out there, come get the REAL scoop on the truth about jinns and our interaction with them on a daily and life long basis. This might be hands down the most complete guide to jinns you'll ever find on video.

Average Duration: 1hr 58mins

Total Sessions: 2


The Condition of the Ummah
Where are We Going?
| 16 Sessions

Today the ummah is in a true crisis, but where are we on the road? Find out not only where we are, but also where we're going and how we're going to get there. This series is perfect to answer those questions on your mind and shine light on our reality.

Average Duration: 1hr 13mins

Total Sessions: 16


Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas | 7 Sessions

Come journey with Da'ee Ahmed Moait as he travels to different countries and continents, spreading the powerful message of Allah throughout the globe. Also get an eye-opening view of how different muslims are living all over the planet.

Average Duration: 1hr 4mins

Total Sessions: 7


Queens College - Open Dialogue | 12 Sessions

A Serious Series of Sessions Recorded at Queens College, NY. More to be added soon...

Average Duration: 2hrs 10mins

Total Sessions: 12


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