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Would you be sad and depressed if you are staying at a hotel for a short time and the room is not to your liking? Probably not! Likewise, don't be sad over this life and what it contains because all of us are guests in this earth for a very short time.

Rasul Allah SAW said, "What do I have to do with this worldly life? I and this worldly life are but like a traveler who stopped for a little while under a tree to get some shade and then moved on." (Ahmad)

Just like the shade of the tree doesn't last forever, this world and our stay in it won't last either. A traveler cannot become obsessed with the rest area because he has to reach a destination.

Our beloved Prophet SAW also told us, "If the world to Allah were equal to a mosquito's wing, then He would not allow the disbeliever to have a sip of water from it." (Tirmidhi)

Hasan Al-Basri, one of our pious predecessor, said, "whoever competes with you in your deen (religion/faith) compete with him; and whoever tries to compete with you in worldly affairs, show him your back and leave."

Yahya Ibn Mu'adh, another great person shared these words of wisdom with us: "this duniya(worldly life) has no value in the eyes of Allah SWT and He will destroy it even though He owns it. Then how can this life hold any meaning and value to you and you don't even own it."

Another pious person said, "poor Son of Adam, if he fears hellfire the way he fears people, he will be saved; if he loves and struggles for Jannah the way he struggles for this life, he will reach it; if he fears Allah in the unseen the way he fears people in the seen, he will be happy both in this life and the next."

Ibn Qayyim said, "this worldly life-from beginning to end-is not worth agony or worry of even an hour." Then how about people who live in agony and drama their entire lives?

May Allah SWT give us the comprehension and ability to understand the purpose of our lives. May Allah SWT allow us to refocus and and spend our lives worrying about the long journey of the hereafter facing us, instead of this life.


  • Increase dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah SWT)
  • Increase tasbeeh (glorification of Allah SWT)
  • Increase salah-alan-nabi/durood
  • Work for Allah, and Allah SWT will work for you
  • Love Allah, and He SWT will love you
  • Remember Allah, Allah SWT will remember you-in your good and bad times
  • Rely on Allah SWT and He will take care of all your affairs

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