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Who Is Daee Ahmed Moait?


  1. Interview With Daee Ahmed Moait?
  2. Where is He from and Where is He Going?
  3. What Is His Message?
  4. His Message To Muslims, Non Muslims And To Mankind
  5. His Background
  6. Conclusion
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One on One Interview

This is a closer look to who is Da'ee Ahmed Moait. Hope it benefits you and encourages you to be a servant and inviter to Allah swt

Duration: 57min
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Where is He from and Where is He Going?

He's a man originally born in Egypt. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1979, where he worked as a computer engineer for approximately 15 years.

During this time he realized his journey to Allah and to Islam.

What Is His Message?

Within the reality of the condition of the Ummah (Muslim Population), here in the U.S. or abroad, he realized that he has a duty and a job in front of Allah, so that when he goes to the grave, he can say to Allah...

I Tried To Convey And Live Your Message,
And Spread It To The Maximum Of My Ability.
In The Middle Of The Absence Of Khalifah (Muslim Head Of State),
The Absence Of Shari'ah (I.E. Islamic Law),
The Absence Of Unity, And The Absence Of The Reality Of Islam,
I Tried To Address The Message To The Most Of
My Ability And Understanding!

In a time during attacks against Islam, from inside and out, by us, or others (attacks through innovation, new ideology and groups), these groups are fighting over differences in fiqh (regulations) which already exist in the history of Islam, and forget the message, the duty, love of Allah, love of the Rasul (sallallahu alaiyhi wa sallam peace be upon him).

They Forget About Loving Islam
About Being Merciful To Mankind
And Forget Our Duty And Noble Cause
That The One Allah Has Given To Us Already!

They forgot our history of Iraq, Tatar, and Mongolia. We forget the history of Andalusia, the Ottoman Empire.

"And We Forget Allah
Allah Has Made Us Forget Ourselves"

His Message To Muslims, Non Muslims
And To Mankind

I believe I am the poor to Allah,I have a message to Muslims and Non-Muslims, to all mankind:

"Wake Up Before It's Too Late. My Message Is Very Simple,
We Have To Embrace Islam, Muslim And Non-Muslim
We Have To Go Back To The Base,
We Have To Understand, Acknowledge, And Develop
The Belief And The Oneness Of Allah,
The Creator, And The Almighty"

We have to develop ubudiyya (slavery to Allah), and Rububiyya (realizing Allah is the Governor, Controller, and Provider) with all the names of Allah in reality- Not in the tongue, in a speech or on the internet. And we have to set the role model and feel responsible, so that when you die, you can say;

"Allah I Tried My Best,
With My Body, My Time And My Money,
With My Love, My Devotion, And My Thinking.
That's My Goal, My Aim, My Job And My Duty,
The One Which Allah Has Honored Me With
And Has Already Given To Me."

His Background

You might have some question about his background, who's the teacher that influenced him in his life. I have many, but one Sheikh advised me,

"If You Want To Be A Da'ee Today, Don't Mention Names...
The Moment You Mentions Names,
One Group Will Like You And One Group Will Hate You.
It Will Become A Battle Against The Name
And People Will Forget The Message."

If you fear Allah, if you love Allah, and if you believe in Allah, listen and try to benefit yourself. I'm a human being, I'm carrying a message. I have my goodness, I have my weakness, I have my faults, I have my mistakes, and I have my sins. May Allah forgive me and forgive all of us. Please, if you want to benefit yourself, listen with your heart and try to see what this man has to say.

Forget About Everything, Forget About His Language
His Mistakes, And His Pronunciation!
This Is Not The Time For That Now
It's The Time To Call Allah, Before It's Too Late
But We Must Go Back To The History!


May Allah Guide Us To The Straight Path,
May Allah Give Us Light, Basira (Vision), Wisdom, Comprehension,
Understanding, Sincerity, Truthfulness,
And The Ability To See What's Right And What's Wrong.
He's The Only One Who Can Do That.

If you want to know whether what I'm saying has goodness or not, call Allah and ask Him. If Im wrong, may Allah forgive me, I only try. Whatever I do right, may Allah make it only for Him and reward me in this life and the hereafter.

I'm Only Calling Towards Allah,
The Rest Is His Business If He Wants To Accept You And Choose You,
"Alhamdu'lillahir Rabbil Alameen (Thanks To Allah)"
May Allah The Almighty Put Barakah (Blessing)
And Noor (Light) And Kabul (Acceptance)
In Everything We Say And We Do.

A Man Preparing Himself for the Grave
Daee Ahmed Moait

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