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October 3rd 2001

    Muslims are people of intuition and insight. The depth of this intuition is dependent on the strength of their connection with Allah SWT. This intuition combined with proper knowledge allows one to see and feel his surroundings and gives him wisdom to deal with situations.

    Any Muslim with basic level of iman in his heart cannot deny that humanity is going through some extreme and tragic times. It is evident from the Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet SAW that we are in the middle of fitan or tribulations. These tribulations can arrive in many forms but the purpose of all of them is only one: to sort the believers from the disbelievers and hypocrites.


    RasulAllah SAW gave us many signs of the tribulations which will arrive prior to the Day of Judgment. One of the sayings that list some of these signs is the following:

    “(When) the time would draw close to the Last Hour, knowledge would be snatched away, turmoil would be rampant, miserliness would be put (in the hearts of the people) and there would be much harj. They said: What is al-harj? Thereupon he said: It is bloodshed.” (Muslim)

    If we look around us today, with an honest eye and heart it is impossible to overlook gross injustices, massive killing, immense poverty, and vast discrepancy in the distribution of wealth in the world. If we believe in the Prophet SAW, we must believe in what he informed us of the signs preceding the Day of Judgment; and if we see these signs, we must take heed!

    Situations are going to get more difficult and confusing as time passes. One of the forms of fitna is confusion and doubts. Many people, including Muslims, will fall prey to this fitna and will be unable to hold onto their faith.

    We know that the killing among the Muslims will remain as a source of fitna for them until the very end from the following incident in the Prophet’s (SAW) life:

    ‘Amir b. Sa'd reported on the authority of his father that one day Allah's Messenger SAW came from a high land. He passed by the mosque of Banu Mu'awiya, went in and observed two rak'ahs there and we also observed prayer along with him and he made a long supplication to his Lord. He then came to us and said:

    “I asked my Lord three things and He has granted me two but has withheld one. I begged my Lord that my Ummah should not be destroyed because of famine and He granted me this. And I begged my Lord that my Ummah should not be destroyed by drowning (by deluge) and He granted me this. And I begged my Lord that there should be no bloodshed among the people of my Ummah but He did not grant it.” (Muslim)

    Now we see this prophecy of RasulAllah SAW coming true. Muslim nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq are already burning and many more will soon follow. 1 Can we be part of the fulfillment of this prophecy? Very dangerous!

    So who generated this fitna we are facing—Muslims or Non-Muslims?

    Muslims did!

    We can make any claims or justifications we like but the truth of the matter is mostly it is Muslims who are killing other Muslims. A true believer of Islam would never sell his beliefs, no matter how high or lucrative the price. He would never allow anyone to persuade him to commit murder. If a person commits such actions, it means that his soul and faith are corrupted.

    Those who sell their souls for temporary worldly gains in fact have no faith in their hearts, irrespective of what their tongues utter. The following verse highlights the seriousness of taking a Muslim’s life:

    But whoever kills a believer intentionally - his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment. (An Nisa 4:93)

    An incident during the life of Prophet SAW also reinforces the gravity of this issue.

    “The Messenger of Allah SAW sent a squad of the Muslims to a tribe of the polytheists. Both the armies confronted one another. There was a man among the army of polytheists who (was so dashing that), whenever he intended to kill a man from among the Muslims, he killed him. Amongst the Muslims too was a man looking forward to (an opportunity of) his (the polytheist's) un-mindfulness. He (the narrator) said: We talked that he was Usama b, Zaid. When he raised his sword, he (the soldier of the polytheists) uttered:" There is no god but Allah," but he (Usama b. Zaid) killed him.

    When the messenger of the glad tidings came to the Apostle SAW he asked him (about the events of the battle) and he informed him about the man (Usama) and what he had done. He (the Prophet of Allah) called for him and asked him why he had killed him. He (Usama) said: Messenger of Allah, he struck the Muslims and killed such and such of them. And he even named some of them. (He continued): I attacked him and when he saw the sword he said: There is no god but Allah.

    The Messenger of Allah SAW said: Did you kill him? He (Usama) replied in the affirmative. He (the Holy Prophet) remarked: What would you do with "There is no god but Allah," when he would come (before you) on the Day of Judgment?

    He (Usama) said: Messenger of Allah, beg pardon for me (from your Lord).

    He (the Holy Prophet) said: What would you do with" There is no god but Allah" when he would come (before you) on the Day of Judgment? He (the Holy Prophet) added nothing to it but kept saying: What would you do with "There is no god but Allah," when he would come (before you) on the Day of Judgment?” (Muslim)

    This shows the sanctity of a Muslim’s life which becomes great from the very moment he embraces Islam. A Muslim has no right to assume the sincerity of others’ intentions; it is a disclosed matter between the person and Allah SWT. Therefore, irrespective of what he does, the life of a Muslim and any human is too precious to be taken just like that without proper justification.


    Today Muslims are facing oppression from all ends and the condition keeps deteriorating. Not only is the Muslim world facing the onslaught of the Non-Muslim brutality, we are the biggest perpetrators of injustice and oppression on our own people. The Muslim ummah is not united because there is no reality of iman in our hearts. Allah SWT said in the Qur’an:

    The believers are but brothers… (Al-Hujurat 49:10)

    By using the Arabic article ‘innama’, Allah SWT made the brotherhood directly dependent on belief, implying that ONLY the believers are brothers! If there is no brotherhood, where is the problem? With the belief! Our reality of iman is not there. Once we have iman we will be glued together; vice versa if there is no iman we will be apart.

    One of the scholars wrote a book emphasizing the lessons we should learn from the war in Afghanistan between mujahideen and Russia. One of the points of concern he mentioned is that we allowed ourselves to go to jihad while we were divided. This in turn resulted in years of bloody internal conflict after Allah SWT gave us victory over our enemy.

    Battle of Yarmook is regarded as one of the most decisive battles in history which ended the Byzantine rule in Syria. The Muslim troops of about 40,000 faced an enemy numbering 400,000. Muslim General Khalid bin Waleed (RA) made an appeal of unity from Muslims and led them to an unprecedented victory with minimal damage—all because of unity!

    Unity is not really an option for Muslims rather it is a command from Allah SWT. He SWT says in the Qur’an:

    And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided… (Al Imran 3:103)

    If we have disunity in the heart, how can we have external unity?

    A clear example is what became of a place like Afghanistan which is now ridden with mines planted by warring tribes against each other. And who is paying the price for this atrociousness? Innocent men, women and children who are on their way to work or play!

    RasulAllah SAW said:

    “Whoever starts in Islam a good practice (sunnah hasanah) and is emulated by others in doing so will get the reward of it and the reward of all those who act upon it without their rewards being diminished in any respect. And whosoever starts in Islam an evil practice (sunnah sayyi’ah) and is emulated by others will bear the sin of it and the sin of all those who act on it without their burden being diminished in the least.” (Muslim)

    Is this not scary?

    How can those involved in such gross acts of constant violence and revenge against others claim to be Muslims?

    The prophecies of Rasul Allah SAW are coming true! Can we be a part of them? It is very dangerous!

    This situation is only going to get worse…

    The intensity of the tribulations, especially of immense killings, can be felt from the following saying of the Prophet SAW:

    “The world would not come to an end until a day would come to the people on which the murderer would not know as to why he has killed and the slain would not know as to why he has been murdered. It would be said: Why would it happen? To which he replied: It would be because of general massacre and bloodshed. And the slaughterers and the slain would be in Fire.” (Muslim)


    In this current climate of confusion, trials and disunity, we have people in this ummah who insist that ‘we have to do something!’

    What is it that we can possibly do?

    Why would Allah SWT support us if we can’t even support each other?

    Allah SWT is one!

    Rasul Allah SAW is one!

    Qur’an is one!

    Then why do we have these differences and divisions?

    When we see such great difference in ideology, it is in reality a great void of real iman, and massive misunderstandings. If we talk about iman and yaqeen, we have to cross paths and meet each other, irrespective of ideological differences.

    The only thing we can possibly do at this time is talk about iman and yaqeen in Allah SWT in order to develop the real true belief of Allah SWT in our hearts. Once we believe we will be united and Allah SWT’s support will be with us.

    Once we are united only then can we realistically and meaningfully say ‘we have to do something!’ Until then all this talk is nothing except empty rhetoric which only adds on to the fitna we are already in.

    If we do not have Allah SWT in our hearts, what topic can benefit us?


    The Muslim world is burning and we are still living in our individualistic, greedy, and selfish state of mind. The ummah is aching and we are busy with our affairs of the world. Look at the Muslims in the United States, one of the wealthiest communities in the nation and they cannot even have a television channel!

    Why? Is it due to lack of funds?


    There is no unity of thought and a long term vision!

    There is no heart that really wants to sacrifice and work for Allah!

    There is no leader!

    Even if Muslims get a television channel, there will be another war and disagreement over who will talk and what ideologies will be aired. We will end up contradicting and arguing against each other instead of propagating the message of Allah SWT.


    It is because this ummah has no tarbiyyah2 !

    If we had the tarbiyyah and right understanding of Islam we would never be like this. We still could have differences of understanding, but we would be united. Companions of the Prophet SAW had difference in their understandings but they were always united in one goal.


    Allah SWT repeatedly tells us in the Qur’an to look at the nations before us, how they were stronger and more established than us, they built more magnificent structures than us and look what Allah SWT did with them.

    Surah Rum, R’ad, Fussilat, Ghafir, Nahl, and Waqi’ah all convey this message and warning!

    Example: People of Saba

    Allah SWT blessed the land of Saba and granted them everything in abundance. They became busy and happy with what Allah SWT gave them of the duniya so Allah SWT destroyed them.

    Now let’s translate this story to our lives…

    Allah SWT blessed the Muslims in United States and Europe with wealth and peace. They became busy and happy with what Allah SWT gave them of the duniya...

    What would be the result?

    Muslims are happy with the duniya—their lives, status, comfort—and they have no concern for the message of Islam. What can we expect?

    Indeed, those who do not expect the meeting with Us and are satisfied with the life of this world and feel secure therein and those who are heedless of Our signs

    For those their refuge will be the Fire because of what they used to earn. (Yunus 10:7-8)

    Fitna will come so fast, no one will be able to escape from it. The only thing that would save a person at this time is his Iman and Yaqeen! Those who have iman and yaqeen will be saved even if they are mauled to death. Those who do not have strong iman and yaqeen will not be saved irrespective of their wealth and status.

    A prestigious figure from the United States Government was on friendly terms with me, he advised me to take my family and leave the country. When I asked why, he said ‘there is a lot of hate among people and you Muslims are not organized, you have no plan or unity; when the time comes you will be like sitting duck.’ I asked him when it will happen. He said, ‘when you see the economy go down and white collar workers start losing jobs, you know it is coming.’

    I interpreted his threat differently!

    When Islam becomes just a title and its reality is not in our lives, when spreading the message of Islam is no longer our concern, instead we are occupied with our duniya then Allah SWT will take care of us!

    But if they turn away, [say], "I have already conveyed that with which I was sent to you. My Lord will give succession to a people other than you, and you will not harm Him at all. Indeed my Lord is, over all things, Guardian." (Hud 11:57)

    It is a clear warning from Allah that if we do not do what is expected of us, we will be replaced by those better than us. After all, Allah SWT does not need us; it is us who need Him.


    The purpose of stories in the Qur’an is to allow us to see the actions of people and their consequences. If we do what nations before us did, we will get what they got. This sunnah of Allah SWT is evident throughout the history. We are supposed to take lessons from that and prepare ourselves accordingly. The fitna is coming and Allah SWT will save only those who have Him in their hearts and they work for Him.

    It doesn’t matter where you live, or how you live. The only thing that matters is where Islam is on this earth and what we are doing for it!

    The Mongolian invasion of Muslim lands during the thirteenth century is an example of one such fitna. Baghdad was the center of civilization with unprecedented amount of knowledge and grandeur. When Mongols came they plundered the city to the point that entire libraries were burned and Euphrates River ran red with Muslim blood.


    It was largely because the knowledge of Islam had become decorative knowledge and the concern for Islam had left people’s hearts! Instead of education and purification of people, the knowledge of Islam became entertainment and a symbol of status and show; people were competing in gaining knowledge and expertise; and knowledge was used for arguments between different understandings instead of calling towards Allah SWT.

    Al-Andalus (part of modern day Spain) fell into the same fitna. Despite their massive knowledge, Islam became just a style of life and they began to philosophize the knowledge. Their progress and elevation of material life in agriculture, art, music, architecture, etc which caused European enlightenment could not save them from their destruction.

    Let’s stop for a moment and reflect…what is the message in it for us?

    Both of these civilizations had massive Islamic knowledge and material wealth. Once they stopped using their resources for spreading the message of Islam and instead used them for competition and glorification, they faced division and Allah sent those who oppressed them and eventually finished them.

    There is no value in massive wealth of a stingy person who is selfish, greedy and hoards it for himself only—he neither benefits himself nor sees the effects of his wealth on people. Similarly there is no value of gaining Islamic knowledge if it does not elevate the soul of a person to have mercy, and benefit itself and others. It is almost like keeping a treasure locked away in a safe deposit—benefitting neither the person himself nor others. Similarly today Islam has reduced to the level of books, libraries, museums, and arguments but mankind has been deprived of seeing and feeling the true message.

    Note: All the massive spread of knowledge will bear no fruits unless the one who spreads it is living it and is a role model for it. Allah SWT will not put barakah in what the person does unless he lives it first and spreads it sincerely for Allah SWT.

    When the time comes for us to pay for our actions, we will weep but it will be too late!


    It is basic decency to share something good and beneficial with others. What would we consider a person who discovers the cure for cancer but refuses to share it with others and possibly save millions of lives? What then about Islam which not only can save people from emotional and mental torture in this life but save them from eternal punishment in the hellfire.

    If we do not care to share Islam with others, what does it say about us?

    If we do not encourage for goodness, who are we?

    One of the most criminal acts a Muslim can do is to be greedy and selfish. Those who think they are fine, their families are fine, they are good Muslims—worshipping, dressing like a Muslim, staying away from haram but they don’t care about others will be the first ones targeted by Allah SWT.

    We must wakeup and actively strive to spread the message of Islam to humanity. We have to spread goodness and change our environment. We are part of the environment; if we do not change it, it will change us. If this environment becomes sour against us, we will regret but it will be too late!

    The Messenger of Allah SAW said that Allah SWT commanded Angel Jibreel (AS) to destroy a city because of the evildoers therein. Jibreel (AS) said, "O Allah, there is a person in the city who has never disobeyed you." Allah said, "Start the destruction with him first.” Jibreel (AS) enquired, “why?” Allah SWT replied, “He used to see the sins and mischief and his face didn’t even change color (he doesn’t care.) (Tirmidhi)


    Allah SWT says in the Qur’an:

    You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. (Al Imran 3:110)

    Produced! Brought out!

    As a Muslim, we have a job; especially in Non-Muslim lands we are like merchants.

    What is our product?


    Those Muslims who live in Non-Muslim lands but do not do da’wah (invite to Allah) are dhalim (oppressors).

    Allah SWT says in a hadeeth qudsi,

    “O My servants! I have forbidden dhulm (oppression) for Myself, and I have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another.” (Muslim)

    Rasul Allah SAW said:

    Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah”.
    (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

    One of the top scholars, according to some it might be Ibn Taymiyya, said that Allah SWT will give victory and blessings to a Non-Muslim who is just and He will not give it to a Muslim who is unjust or an oppressor. Meaning, justice is the core of support from Allah SWT for any individual or nation whereas oppression lifts the mercy and support from Allah SWT.

    Each and every person needs da’wah to Allah SWT. With our negligence, bad manners and character we deny people their right of knowing Islam.


    Worship has many dimensions and it consists of many levels.

    1. Individual worship to Allah SWT: It is an obligation between us and Allah SWT. It is the responsibility of every individual and a requirement to remain in the fold of Islam such as fulfilling the five pillars of Islam.

    2. Duty towards family and neighbors: Fulfilling the duty towards members of our family, taking care of their needs, serving the parents, proper upbringing of the children, taking care of the neighbors, poor, needy and society at large all fall under worship.

    3. Da’wah to Allah SWT: The highest level of worship is to sacrifice and devote ourselves to elevate and spread the message of Islam. This in fact is a duty and an honor granted to us by Allah SWT.

    All forms of worship are actually to strengthen our faith and enable us to carry the deen of Allah SWT. This is called iqamat-ad-deen which is the building over the pillars—it is to establish the deen of Allah on earth. It is a duty, even if we dispute about it. This is not the point of discussion here; for further understanding of this topic please visit the lecture series Da’wah on www.noora1.com.

    There is a great difference between faraid (obligations) and a duty. Our individual worship is for our benefit, it doesn’t help anyone else. It is to build our faith and allow us to carry the message of Islam.

    Companions of the Prophet SAW sacrificed their lives trying to bring Islam to the world. By not accepting da’wah as our responsibility we are basically acting as if the companions of the Prophet SAW didn’t understand Islam but we do!

    So remain on a right course as you have been commanded, [you] and those who have turned back with you [to Allah], and do not transgress. Indeed, He is Seeing of what you do.

    And do not incline toward those who do wrong, lest you be touched by the Fire, and you would not have other than Allah any protectors; then you would not be helped.

    And establish prayer at the two ends of the day and at the approach of the night. Indeed, good deeds do away with misdeeds. That is a reminder for those who remember.

    And be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good.

    So why were there not among the generations before you those of enduring discrimination forbidding corruption on earth - except a few of those We saved from among them? But those who wronged pursued what luxury they were given therein, and they were criminals.

    And your Lord would not have destroyed the cities unjustly while their people were reformers.

    (Hud 11:112—117)

    Allah SWT promised that He will not destroy any community while it has muslihoon. Muslihoon have these qualities:

    • Engaged in da’wah to Allah SWT.
    • Enjoining good and forbidding evil.
    • Taking care of the affairs of the society such as spreading justice, supporting the needy, poor etc.

    A true Muslim realizes where he is, what the reality of the condition around him is, and starts from there. We will never be able to change our condition unless we have the reality of iman in our hearts; and the real iman will develop when we sacrifice our material life to elevate and spread the message of Allah SWT (da’wah).

    What goodness are we doing to our society?

    What are Muslims doing that makes them invaluable for a community?

    Would the society or our community miss us if we go away?

    How many of us are cutting from our budget and spreading the da’wah?


    Allah SWT has already given us qualities of people who receive His support and aid. Allah SWT gives His support to the

    • Muttaqeen: Pious and righteous persons who fear Allah much (abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which Allah has forbidden) and love Allah much (perform all kinds of good deeds which Allah and his Messenger (SAW) have ordained).
    • Sabireen: Patient ones
    • Muhsineen: People who do righteous deeds in a perfect manner
    • Mutatahhireen: People who purify themselves
    • Mo’mineen: Believers
    • Tawwabeen: Repentant ones

    …among many others mentioned in the Qur’an.

    Allah SWT does not promise His support to the heedless ones anywhere3 ! He SWT promises His support and aid to people with certain qualities. Once we work hard and struggle to develop these qualities, only then will we become deserving of Allah SWTs promises.


    Rasul Allah SAW said:

    “Your leadership will be a reflection of you (the people).” (Mishkat)

    If people correct themselves and their actions, their leaders will automatically be better. How can we expect others to be good to us when we are not good to others? Similarly, how can we expect leaders to be honest, kind and just when we are not like this in our own dealings?

    If anyone wants to know how Allah SWT will deal with them, then they should look at how they deal with His creation!

    Those who are generous and kind, Allah SWT will be generous and kind to them. Those who are cruel, unjust and stingy towards others, Allah SWT will let them taste the bitterness of their actions!

    Today the ultimate weapon of a believer is the right knowledge. Knowing:

    • Who is Allah SWT?
    • How to build a relationship with Allah SWT?
    • How to live the teachings of RasulAllah SAW and follow his footsteps.

    When the fitna of Allah SWT comes, hearts will be diverted and away from Allah SWT. At this time the best act would be to remember Allah and glorify Him SWT.

    RasulAllah SAW said:

    “Worship during the time of bloodshed is like emigrating to me.” (Ibn Majah)

    At any given time you will be questioned about what you are doing as a Muslim, today!

    This is just an advice and a wake-up call. For further understanding of this topic I highly recommend reading the following books:

    • Book of the End by Ibn Katheer
    • Men Around the Messenger by Khaled Mohammed Khaled
    • Hayatus Sahaba by Mohammed Yusuf Kandhlavi
    • Patience and Gratitude by Ibn Qayyim
    • Invocation of God by Ibn Qayyim
    • Books on life after death.

    Remember two forms of ultimate power and support from Allah SWT were given to the messengers and prophets and then after them to this ummah:

    1. Da’wah to Allah SWT.

    2. Accepted du’a from us to Allah SWT.

    All we need is to carefully and slowly read one verse in the Qur’an which, according to many early scholars, summarizes the entire message of Islam and the Qur’an:

    It is You alone we worship and only You we ask for support and help. (Al Fatiha 1:5)

    The more we believe and are connected to Allah SWT, the more support He SWT will give us. Each person will receive support from Allah SWT according to his belief, worship and belonging.

    Note: Please be patient and read this entire series of articles, and follow the advices. You deserve to elevate your soul in this life and the hereafter, and the souls of others.

    May Allah SWT make us among those who will be rescued by Him, may we be among those He uses to elevate His message, and those who spread peace, guidance & mercy to humanity. Ameen.

    1 The original discussion of this topic happened in 2001. In the duration of just thirteen years, we can see Syria, Pakistan, Palestine, Libya, many Muslim African nations, China, Philippines, and now Egypt falling into destruction; and as sad as it sounds, this list will only increase and no one will be exempt.
    2 Word tarbiyyah means the upbringing with knowledge, comprehension and understanding until it manifests in character, manners and conduct.
    3 In order to get a deeper understanding of this topic and to make sure you are not among the heedless ones, please read the article “Heedlessness From Meeting Our Lord” on www.noora1.com as well as listen to the lecture series “Journey of Victory vs. Journey of Defeat”

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