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Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

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If you take your time and go through each session step by step, you will definitely develop your soul and gain the light which you're seeking, but only if you're sincere.

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Session 9: Stop, Think, Reflect

Where are we from the reality? what is the purpose of life? who am i? where am i going? pause, think, reflect....

Duration: 46:35 mins

Session 8: How To Gain The Guidance Of Allah

If we really go through a journey of Iman and if we really have a goal in life, Our thought, our thinking, our desire, our love our fear, our hope, our manner and our character will be according to Allah Wa Rasuluh.

Duration: 20 mins

Session 7: How To Gain Happiness Of The Soul

Missing happiness in life, depressed, lonely, don't know what to do with life, whats my purpose, stuck in material gives me no happiness, why, why why.... Listen to this session and get answers to all these questions.

Duration: 27mins

Session 6: Why Do Men Get Bored Of Their Wives

Within few years of marriage why do men get bored of their wives and why do husband and wife have so many conflicts? find the roots of the problem by listening to this session.

Duration: 32mins

Session 5: Just A Thought Part 1

What is life? what is the purpose of life? who am i? where am i going? what is my goal in life? find answer to all these questions...

Duration: 15 mins

Session 4: Just A Thought Part 2

Ever asked yourself what the status of your relationship with your creator Is? Ever found yourself unhappy and believe it's time for a change of heart? Watch this with an open heart and it may change your life forever.

Duration: 15 mins

Session 3: Just A Thought Part 3

Have you ever asked yourself what is the goal of your life and if you are fulfilling it? Better yet, have you ever asked yourself if you feel truly content and successful in your heart?

Duration: 15 mins

Session 2: Just A Thought Part 4

A message for muslims and non muslims...colonialism has corrupted the faith,the literature. Now, when we are trying to revive islam...instead of reviving the base we are reviving the branches...find the roots of the problems by listening to this session.

Duration: 15 mins

Session 1: Jummah Khutbah

The purpose of Jumuah is to remember Allah, to glory Allah, to elevate Allah, to remember the purpose of this life... Watch this heart stirring talk to find out ...

Duration: 28mins

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