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Different Holidays and What They Mean (3)

Important Manners & Issues that Have Been Forgotten (7)

The Life of Messengers and Prophets (14)

JINN (2)

The Condition of the Ummah- Where are We Going? (16)

Da'ee Ahmed Moait Overseas (7)

Queens College - Open Dialogue (12)

Journey in the Valley of the Qur'an (4)

Our Journey of Building a Muslim and Muslima- The Nucleus of the Muslim Ummah (18)

Why I Became Muslim? A Message From New Muslims (3)

Jewels and Wisdom- Journey in the Revelation of the Qur'an (16)

Message of the Message (1)

The Final Chapter (6)

Ramadan Series (1)

Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.



Dignity and respect vs argent & egos part 2

Dignity and respect vs argent & egos

Initiate ? What I am initiating 2

Initiate ? What I am intimating ?

Question about chapter 17 verse 29

Who is my friend ?

Who am I from history?

Who is the owner of everything?

How do I know who am I?

Remember the bounty of Allah and the condition of the ummah

Some very important questions from Allah to us? Please read it carefully

Can journey of iman change the soul ?

Be alert and aware and awake of your environment?

Explain how to live the message ?

The ultimate gifts for me and you ! Take it very seriously please

Who will take care of my body after death ? I am worried about it

Where are we going ? Is me ready to go ?

Who am I ? Part 2

Who am I ?

How do I find my way in the time of fitnah

Chapter 6 verse 50 questions ?

Be careful & ask Allah to keep you on the straight path

Be careful we are in it

How to gain quality ?

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