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Welcome to the Audio Library!


You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

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July 27 2016

What happens to us post Ramadan? Why does our Emaan dwindle even when we are just coming out of Ramadan?

July 29 2016

Today the disease of Qaroon is very prevalent. When Allah swt opened the doors of bounty to him, he became arrogant and said - it's because of me! My hardworking and my talent!
Are we among the same?
When Allah swt opens the door of goodness, do we return it to Allah swt?!

July 31 2016

Subhanallah, please do listen to the audio above. Shaikh Ahmed talks about Turkey and their condition and comparison of them with the others, about gaining knowledge slowly and gradually an living it. And why he talks only about Emaan all the time.
Think about it.

August 1 2016

Allah swt always says - come to me.. know me.. seek advice from me.. you need me more......
What do we do?
If we do not respect Allah swt, will we respect each other?

August 2 2016

Allah swt says come to me, obey me, follow me!
What if we don't follow and obey?
The most deviant of people have obedience, what happened to us?!

August 3 2016

We take so many blessings from Allah swt for granted! Serve those suffering around you, may be even in your own family; especially if you have children around because they are always watching. The way one treats others, Allah swt will send people around you to serve in similar way.
Those on a different tangent from you are a test from Allah swt to see how you behave.

August 4 2016

What is weakness? When you get sick or become weak; what do you want, worldly pleasure or Allah?
The more you trim your desire or your nafs to become humble, you will see different. The hereafter is much better than this world. Cherish the Bounty Allah has given you. Good deed is easy but save it till you meet Allah.
Today you can tomorrow you cannot.
Save yourself from sins, seen and unseen!

August 5 2016

When Allah swt talks about hypocrite or diseases of the heart, He goes on to say that they do not see it, they do not feel it.
When we look at the condition of the Ummah today too, people killing each other believe that they are doing the right thing!

August 6 2016

When Allah swt keeps giving you whatever you like, how do you know what Allah swt gave is for you or against you.

August 9 2016

We are loosing our time, not gaining it everyday! Be aware of this blessing of Allah swt before it slips out hands.
Do you want to know one of the dreams that Shaikh Ahmed saw?
Do not miss this Audio

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