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An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

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August 10 2016

Question by a sister - when I listen to you, my emaan increases and I grow, later on it goes down! Why my brother? As an extension to the above answer, is the attachment to our routine life taking top priority? How much do we value good companionship? How much are we willing to sacrifice to gain time with them? Do we read the Qur’an and it's verses just like any other book or do we reflect, contemplate and inculcate it in our lives?

August 11 2016

Has our Emaan and worship become just feelings?

August 13 2016

Ultimate Bounty of Allah is to give you knowledge and make you live by the knowledge, you ll become peaceful.
We are really living in the end of times!

August 14 2016

Allah swt does not accept any heart except the one that is pure!
This Duniya is like a prison for the believers, but lucky is the one who finds the tunnel to remember Allah swt!

August 15 2016

Two people, even in a cathartic relationship, will bear each others aggression for so called love.
Where do we stand? Where is our loyalty?Let's check our hearts..

This message is not for You!

Three different stories of abuse, what makes a person stay put in a toxic atmosphere?They say woman is like a Bird.. Taking care of her nest against all odds.A must audio for all of us!Let's listen and reflect

Peace tranquillity happiness in this life and hereafter

Let's listen to the audio, reflect and those who wish to, get back to Shaikh with answers to these questions
When you have any situation in your life,
What do you think is the best way to solve it?
What is the status of a Mu'min to solve it?
What is the status of the Shayateen to solve it?
What happens if we don't answer it now? We will fail and fall in the trap of Shaytan!

Real Love or Fake Love

In the midst of everyday life consisting of complaints, drama, this and that; do we truly love each other? What does 'Real Love' mean or do we know only the fake one, that's actually an obsession? Allah swt loves, forgives and not just that, during Ramadan He swt erases our bad deeds and elevates us. Do we really love Allah swt? Let's discover these things which may seem philosophical but have we wondered why Allah swt has mentioned the verb love in the Qur’an over 80 times?

Topic of Love

Have you seen among family, some rich, some poor, some pretty some not so much, some at peace, some struggling... Among all these endless trials, how do we know the real relationship, the real love?

Pillars Of Our Life!

Listen to what one of the companions of Rasoolullah SAW said about pillars. What do you think is the pillar of a family? Vacations? Food?....

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