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Welcome to the Audio Library!

You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.



The Ultimate gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones
The Soul by Ibn Qayyim (RA)

Remember death and make dua for the dead

Session 14
Chapter 66 Verse 10 & 11

Session 13
Chapter 59 Verse 21

Session 12
Chapter 39 Verse 27 to 29

Hurry to do good dont delay

A Message about the Noor of Allah

Session 11
Chapter 36 Verse 78

Session 10 [Part 2]
Contains a secret

Session 10
Chapter 36 Verse 13

Session 9 [Part 2]

Session 9
Chapter 30 Verse 28

Session 8 [Part 4]

Session 8 [Part 3]

Session 8 [Part 2]

Session 8
Chapter 29 Verse 43

Stop, Reflect & Think and Ask Questions

Just a thought and reflection

Session 7 [Part 2]

Session 7
Chapter 24 Verse 35

Session 6 [Part 2]
Chapter 22 Verse 77 to the end

Session 6
Chapter 22 Verse 73 to 76

Try to get the quality beloved to Allah

Session 5
Chapter 18 Verse 32 to 46

Question about Shaitan & Me [Part 2]

Question about Shaitan & Me [Part 1]

Session 4
Chapter 16 Verse 75 & 112

Question and Answer

Session 3
Chapter 14 Verse 24 to 30

Session 2 Part 3

Session 2 Part 2

Session 2
Surah Al Rad Verse 17

First session of Examples in Quran [Part 2]

Intro to the Examples in Quran
Take it very seriously

Surah Al Baqarah Verse 17 to 20
Examples and Wisdom

Thanks & show gratitude & be content

Don’t be a loser Dunia and Aakhirah

Please take this very serious ! Urgent

Guidance vs misguidance

Look ! We can be next

Set yourself free

What are we leaving behind?

Look & think
Thank & contemplate

Message about fire

Do you know who you are if you struggle for Allah?

Listen carefully! This might lead you to happiness

How big is the universe

A message for all Muslims who want to vote
What should be the purpose of voting.pdf

Every time you have Firawn & every time you have Musa

Let Quran cure your heart

Call Allah & snap out from your drama

Journey of happiness within

Direct your heart to Allah

Win inside don’t worry about outside

Rise up & hold tight to the rope of Allah

Trust in Allah ! You never know what he plans for you

Keys of happiness

Be powerful & be happy

Be with Allah, Allah be with you

Ashura ! Think ! Reflect! Renew your covenant

Ashura ! Fact & lessons to be learned ?

A Message to those who want to be awake

Chapter 53 verse 39 till 42

Can anything change Qadar?

Most hated by Allah vs. most beloved by Allah

Remember the bounty of Allah

Chapter 46 verse 26 & 27

Very important message! Please take it very seriously

Look & reflect ! This is not our residence

Think and reflect about migration

Did you migrate yet ?

I am migrating to my lord

Do you want to be happy ???

Who you want to be ??

Blind mother, accepted dua

Immigration reflection and set your self free

I am a real estate agent! Do you want to join me ?

I don’t have it ? I am so weak ! What to do ?

How to celebrate the new year ?

Happy new year

Check within ?? Before is too late ???

Love Allah & love each other for Allah & Spread unity

Just a reminder and thoughts and reflection

Trust in Allah[5]

Trust in Allah[4]

Trust in Allah[3]

Trust in Allah[2]

Trust in Allah

What it means to have good gesture with Allah ???

Have good gesture with Allah

Do you want to be blind ???

Comprehensive Messages before I die

Chapter 33 verse 70 to 73

Seek knowledge and ask questions

Look inside ? What you see ??

Remember death & illness

Why we have to repeat ?? Repeat what ??

Why Allah repeat things ??

What between us and Allah no one knows

Remember death before is too late

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