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Welcome to the Audio Library!


You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

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A message for today.

A message for today.


We see the oppression all over .. with millions of people suffering .. Allah swt has promised that he will accept the Du'a of the oppressed .. Allah promised to give you victory, Allah swt has promised to support you, to give you justice, in this life and hereafter . but How? When? Where?

Surah Luqman

Explanation to Surah Luqman verse - Reflect upon what we are doing or talking about all the times! We never know when the Angel of death will knock on our door! Let's do the best of what we can for the sake of Allah swt!


Ayah! What did we learn from looking at the condition of the Ummah? What did we learn from death? Truly we are in the end of times!

Are we always aware of what we talk

Are we always aware of what we talk, whether we mean it or not? How accountable are we of ourselves? Allah swt has given each and everyone qualities, instead of acting upon it are we in rebellion against the quality bestowed by Allah swt?

True love between people who love each other for Allah swt

True love between people who love each other for Allah swt will truly begin under the Shade of the throne of Allah! Do we get to be there?


Today's topic - extremely important, dangerous and serious one.. "Qiyana"!

Continuation of Qiyana

Continuation of Qiyana


Topics -
1. "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihirajioon "
2. How do I know if my wealth is a fitnah or a blessing to me
3. Difference between 'Amr and Ayah

Chapter An Naml

Chapter An Naml

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