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Welcome to the Audio Library!


You made it to our All New Audio library!
An Audio collection of many important lectures.
Audio of sessions in which we could not capture a video.

As believers we should always be in the state of "trying"

As believers we should always be in the state of "trying"! The light of Allah swt will continue, with me or without me! It's upto me to choose to be a part of this beautiful glory to spread the light and Rahma of Allah to mankind!

we will be entering the new year

Very soon we will be entering the new year according to the Islamic calender, marking the significant event of emigration / hijra of the companions. Let's understand it's message rather than celebrate not knowing! Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziya said that the door of goodness from Allah swt will not be open forever for a person or for mankind, how can we keep the door open between us and Allah swt?

When we read about the companions

When we read about the companions who were chosen by Allah swt to elevate the deen through their actions by migrating for the sake of Allah, How should it make us feel? Among them were women who were alone and emigrating only for the sake of Allah! In this present time, read about Recep Tayyip Erdogan and what he has achieved!

This blessed time of Islamic new year and understand what it really means

during this blessed time of Islamic new year and understand what it really means. One of the report of our prophet SAW says that i'badah during the time of heedlessness and fitnah equals to emigration with Rasoolullah SAW. Let's hold tight to the rope of Allah swt and increase our worship.

Chapter Al Anfal

Question by brother - to shed light on the verses of Chapter Al Anfal - 72, 73 & 74. The answer in the audios below 👇 Subhanallah! One of the most formidable messages you'll ever hear today! A Mu'min should always be in the state of emigration or helping the one who emigrated, for Allah! These verses are full of responsibility!! Are we there yet? Have we even emigrated towards Allah swt internally?!

Chapter Al-Anbiya

Are we really seekers, looking out for goodness? Do we really know the kind of hidden treasure real people with knowledge can give us? In the mean time, read slowly these verses from the Qur’an and reflect and send in your reflections. Chapter Al-Anbiya

Goodness from Allah

Remember what Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziya said that the doors of Goodness from Allah swt are not open forever. They can be closed either by illness or death or by Allah swt changing your heart!


Heedlessness From Meeting Our Lord

Elements of Love of Allah swt

Elements of Love of Allah swt Example of love of Khadija RA for Rasoolullah SAW.

Love of Allah swt

Love of Allah swt has to to be earned! It is a level one has to reach after a journey of sacrifice, giving and putting what Allah swt wants above our own self. Similar to every other relationship, love is earned! It's not the statement, 'I want him/her to love me'

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